4 Tips for Painting Drywall

Your new walls are up, and now it is time to paint them. But wait! New drywall requires a bit different strategy than painting other rooms in your home. Unless you take the time to do it right, you will be left with streaks and seams showing through.  So, how should you proceed?  Here are a few tips from the pros at The Painting Company.[1]

Make Prepping a Priority

Putting up new drywall is a dusty project. You’ll want to make sure that all of that dust is swept away before cracking open a can of paint. Otherwise, your new wall is going to have loads of specks and lint stuck to it. Before starting any paint job[2] in your new home, be sure to check for:

  • Imperfections: newly installed drywall commonly sports a few imperfections. Take a close look and sand down those rough edges.
  • Wipe the walls with a soft cloth or vroom (just be sure to let the dust settle before mopping the adjacent floors)
  • Sweep up any lingering dust
  • Wipe the walls one last time with a damp (not wet) cloth
  • Apply a primer specifically designed for new drywall

Choose Your Application Method

Most people grab either a sprayer or a roller when it is time to paint a wall.  Sprayers work well for new drywall but, be warned: they can be messy!  Offering a quick way to cover large areas rather quickly, spraying can be a real time-saver – if you know what you are doing. But, in most cases, DIYers usually find a roller[3] to be easier to handle. Stay away from synthetic ones though, since they often leave behind trails of lint on the wall.

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