4 Tips for Painting Drywall

Picking the Right Paint and Primer

One look down the paint aisle of your local home improvement[4] store and you may feel like running away – there are so many different kinds of paints to choose from! Don’t worry, picking the right one really isn’t that difficult (if you keep these tips in mind):

  • Use only primers designed for drywall.
  • Use a separate primer for new drywall. Yes, those paint and primer combinations are good for walls that have already been treated, but new drywall needs a bit more TLC.
  • Satin paint often works best in most homes. Flat latex may offer easy touchups but can get dirty quickly; while high sheen is easy to clean but can be hard to tough up. Satin, however, offers the best of both worlds: durability and ease in touch-ups when needed.

One Coat is Never Enough

Many paint manufacturers advertise the ability to apply paint in a single coat – don’t follow this recommendation when painting new drywall[5]. All-too-often the seams along the edges of each board will start to bleed through over time. Adding that second coat solves this problem.

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